Having It All or Horrible Tasting Pie (of Life) === Question & Answer Session —


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OK, today I will write a bit about “how I trade” or manage our money for growth and financial independence.

Yes, this is just a bit of what we really do everyday. 1st thing is: We Comfortably Stay At Home (though of course, as long as we have internet, WiFi or data on our cell phone, we can be and go anywhere, anytime. Actually we have been FINANCIALLY FREE FOR DECADES NOW! Stress; What Stress?

And also I must add; over the years and continuing at an even greater pace is Our Guiding People, Families, Companies and Governments from “Being $$$ OWNED & CONTROLLED & more or less BROKE or “living from paycheck to paycheck”  to the far sweeter side of life: Being IN CONTROL Of One’s Own Destiny, Future & Present Well Being.

BTW: much has been written about “going from broke to filthy rich in 10 years”. Well, certainly that has happened (look at Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk or Michael Jordan or Miley Cyrus, or of course “That  $100,000,000 Lottery Winner”!

Well, honestly did you know that over 95% of all Big Lottery Winners Go BROKE / BANKRUPT  in Less Than 3 Years! Most “celebrities, divas, famed athletes ALSO GO BANKRUPT in about the same amount of time! And !

Well, what we “teach” and HOW WE LIVE is All About The “PIE OF LIFE”, something I have written about for decades. When I say “Pie Of Life” I Mean; “one must have it all; otherwise, one has nothing but misery and failure”!

First think of a pie, any kind of pie. What is it made of? What amounts of ingredients? What method to cook and prepare it it needed?

Ever Eaten a TERRIBLE PIE? It surely TASTES HORRIBLE! Imagine all the work, the time, the ingredients that went into it and it STILL TASTED TERRIBLE! Oh My!

===== Now, for that Perfect Pie: It must have the right ingredients, not “some” but “all”, otherwise it just is not GOOD! What about the amounts of each ingredient; Would 10 cups of sugar Be GREAT or make it inedible? (TERRIBLE INDEED Actually). Or would “just a pinch of sugar” be GREAT? Hmm, now for about everything I ever baked or my amazing wife, Karen baked (often she does too- mmm good), “a pinch of sugar” would only make a TERRIBLE PIE Too! — In short; the correct amount is needed, otherwise DON’T BOTHER MAKING IT!

What about Each & Every Other Ingredient? Well of course, the same: PROPER AMOUNTS of Apples, or Pumpkin or Cherries, or Chocolate, or Lemon, or Cream, or salt, or nutmeg, or cinnamon, or eggs, or … All MUST BE “the proper amounts too! Otherwise, DON’T BOTHER!

Now, what about the steps or processes needed? When is the chocolate put in or the eggs or the whatever? “Timing” and the Correct “Amount of Time” is very important! Oh and don’t forget such things NEEDED possibly, depending on the type of pie: Does it NEED to Be Refrigerated for a while or not? How much time and at what temperature is NEEDED?

Now let’s move on (maybe too fast to screw it up but hey, let’s go for it anyways); What temperature and How Long and even “where should it be placed in the oven” are ALL Tremendously Important! Over-Cooked, or Under-cooked or “Just Right” as Goldilocks would say?

It doesn’t end there: Don’t cut the pie immediately after removal from oven, otherwise a RUNNY MESS and You Will GET BURNED!

Well — That’s just the SIMPLE “PIE” to eat! What about YOUR “PIE OF LIFE”, meaning you NEED “certain things” to live and especially live well, otherwise you might die or at least BE MISERABLE FOREVER!

———————-What Are “The Ingredients For A GREAT “Pie Of Life” ?????????????Far too many for me to list specifically now but here are a few must haves (in sufficient amounts):

  • Money (enough and that means “really knowing how to use it, rather than “just make it” = There is a vast difference as the later NEEDS TO Work For It, thus is a slave to it, and the former is free, as he/she knows how to make money work for him/her).
  • Health. As you know if you do not have good health, then nearly nothing else matters!
  • Purpose or “Feeling Worth-While”. Though this sounds as a small thing, in reality it is very important. Why do you think that maybe you, or anyone would feel the need to buy something, or go on vacation or drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes, or do other drugs (pot, meth, coke, prescriptions, “magic mushrooms”, acid, and many other “get-away drugs or methods)? People who Do THESE or NEED THESE Do not “feel great about themselves” and in fact feel terrible about themselves! They are empty, lonely, seek acceptance from others,  feel worthless and maybe “just bored” with their meager lives and existence! (As I teach; if you need any of these or do any of them, then you really screwed up your life and should totally change it from “YUCK” TO “MUCH AMAZING”!
  • LOVE. That is far more important “need” than most! Why do you think that so many strive for vast power or vast money or vast control over others? Simply put; they think (incorrectly) that money buys love or admiration or acceptance or even “success”. People wrongly “think” that just because you have an entourage or kingdom or empire that those who kiss your ass, smile and applaud you or always nod in agreement with you “like them”! Not At All! Often it is DISDAIN FOR THEM, but to they hide that well! (Does that “Trophy wife” really love or even “like you” or do they just put up with you for your money and power and the lifestyle? ===We know that answer!!!!!!!!!
  • Caring, Compassion, Empathy = If one does not “feel for” or can “relate” to others, or other things, then that person is little more than a robot and thus EMPTY INSIDE (which brings us back to some of the above traits).
  • Sex & Intimacy! Though these are not necessarily the same things, I think most understand the differences and also can understand the importance to both. True Intimacy as I describe it is “Becoming one with the other person” or melding into each other of mind, body and soul. That is VERY IMPORTANT to Having a GREAT FULL LIFE! Sadly, very few ever “get there” as they miss the soul sharing and giving of it all; hence always an empty spot within themselves. Sex, well that too is VASTLY IMPORTANT! In fact it is a physical “need” of all life! And with sex, it in itself is stimulating and energizing and is (or should be) quite physical which is “SEXERCISE” and “exercise” is both “good for everyone and actually NECESSARY FOR GOOD HEALTH!!! In fact I believe that Sex is so important that those people who by terrible “luck” or happenings or birth have no ability to “perform” or “find” or “attract” a partner (maybe paralyzed, or terrible mis-shapen or grotesque to most others all should have SEX as part of a “Good Healthcare Regiment”!!! Yes, I All Should Be Entitled to SEX, just as they are food and other “needs” and call them Prostitutes or “hookers” or “sex therapists”, these should be both legal and available! Yes, it is OK to have others “wipe and wash you when needed” and it should be OK for someone to help you “clean out your pipes” as they might say!
  • Food & Drink; obvious of course BUT think this “too little” and one dies! Too much and one will die far too soon and during that time will suffer in many physical and even mental and emotional ways till death overtakes.

REMEMBER  “The Pie”? All the “right” ingredients and the “right” amounts and handled “right”=  otherwise A LOUSY PIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Though this list is only a few of the NEEDED and WANTED Conditions and Traits that MAKE LIFE WORTHWHILE, JOYOUS, FUN, PROSPEROUS, FREEING, & UNLIMITED In Abilities & Dreams Fulfilling!

Yes, The Pie Of Life Is more than “any one thing”. It is HAVING IT ALL, ALWAYS!

~~~~~ and Oh, the stuff we teach, guide and fulfill for so many ~ (you could have it all, BUT you must welcome change, not just “think you know it and make a few adjustments”; That will not work! ~~~~~~ Dare To Change & Dare To Welcome Change~~~~~~~~



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Extensive - Widely Varied Background ---- Because EVERYTHING CONNECTS TO EVERYTHING & EVERYONE --- For Solutions To All Issues ---- To Make The World A Better Place! (God Must Be Crying!). For Your & Everyone's Health-Wealth-Happiness! Unlike MOST of the World ----"I PRACTICE WHAT I PREACH" (by the way: It is not about religion. It is about LIFE & LIVING! I am NOT YOUR AVERAGE GUY! My Goal & Slogan is: "If I can get everyone to STOP and THINK (really think with an open mind which is RARE) for 5 minutes - I Just CHANGED THE WORLD For The Better".
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