The North Pole is an insane 36 degrees warmer than normal as winter descends – The Washington Post

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36 Degrees HIGHER — WOW! Sad but very few people actually understand global weather. One side jumps onto the Global Warming : the other side firmly sits on the NO SUCH THING!

Well, I began speaking about “weather change” back in the 1970s when I first began to realize how much things had already changed from just 2 decades that I started to watch. At that time I said “we would have far more extremes of weather; colder cold, hotter hot, longer duration of everything yet quick and fast major change from one to another. Add more rain and flooding, more droughts, far higher winds, more earthquakes, more volcano eruptions, in short; Just Crazier & Worse For Humans & All Creatures and Living Things! —- Hmm, I was right!

Now more specifically about “Hot In the Arctic Now” versus Colder In Antarctica. Simply put so not to confuse you; as all things are connected and interact with all things, for instance, when ice melts in the arctic oceans that water is FAR WARMER THAN “the ice was” of course. That warmer water drops the oceans nearby such as the Atlantic and Pacific. Because they grow warmer, the extremes grow less all around and that greatly decreases the “rushing” or movements of the cold pushing downward and the hotter water rising. Currents that strongly flow across the water bodies SLOWS DRASTICALLY which in turn CHANGE EVERYTHING ACROSS THE GLOBE: fish that once spawned in one area, can’t any longer, algae and the many tiny organisms that normally flourish in the seas, die (coral reefs are a great example), further changing the lives of all other living things. Our FOOD SUPPLIES SUFFER drastically to. Now back to “the weather” itself; if the water temperatures are warmer and the currents slow and change their normal paths, then the air, the moisture in the air, and the winds themselves are all Immensely Affected!

For those who are aware of the numerous “island nations” around the world, many including coastal regions such as Bangladesh are flooded far more often, and the land surface is DISAPPEARING PERMANENTLY UNDERWATER!

“Change begets Change”!

This is another reason why Karen & I left Florida to return back to Western New York State; winds, rain, lack of it, flooding and worse is going to only get worse there. Here in Machias, NY we are well over 1000 feet above sea level, have the world’s best fresh water supplies (Great Lakes, many other deep water lakes, rivers, streams and creeks. (We have our own on our property, Ishua Creek), and clean and pure fresh water just a few feet below our feet as our gravel ground acts as a natural filter. Weather wise; we get plenty of all required to live well supplies where foods and animals can flourish, soil is rich, flooding is nearly impossible, hurricanes and tornadoes are nearly unheard of, nice breezes are the norm, temperatures though they “seem extreme” to most, really are far more ENJOYABLE THAN one might think. For instance, yesterday it was 36 degrees here in the morning. We went for long walks around our property and I only wore a simple light “sweat shirt” or “hoodie” as most now call them and I WAS Very Comfortable. Now in Florida When It Is say 45 degrees, Most Feel Near FROZEN and shiver. Actually I recall a number of years ago, we taught a class mostly outside one weekend in Florida and the temperature never went to 40 degrees that weekend. All the students nearly froze to death and Karen & I wore our SKI JACKETS and Insulated Pants and WINTER GLOVES and still were cold a bit. That Sunday night after class ended we all drove back to here (Machias) and along the way we saw temperatures in the “below Zero” from our car gauges. When we arrived the actually temperature here was -4 degrees! — Ah, guess what!!!!! We were QUITE WARM & Very Comfortable With Only our ski jackets on and not even fully zipped and with no gloves or added head coverings we wore the day before in Florida. ======

WHY you might ask does it feel so warm in W.N.Y State when it is FREEZING COLD In Florida at 40 degrees warmer temperatures= The simple answer is HUMIDITY!!!!!!!!!! Florida has LOTS. NY Far Less! Also Add the Fact That SNOW IS WARM as it RADIATES HEAT and HOLDS IT AROUND YOU. ==== Ask “the Eskimos” Why They Love Their Igloos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, yes, their is so much that only a few of us understand about weather or “much of anything” actually!

A~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~s Einstein often said “It is not that I am smarter than anyone else; it simply is because I work and study far longer than anyone else”! == THAT IS ME!!!! “TEACHING MYSELF ABOUT EVERYTHING SINCE I WAS “just a little pre-school kid”! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To us Few, EVERYTHING IS SO SIMPLE TO UNDERSTAND & KNOW & GROW FROM & WITH ~~~~~~~~~~~~

=========Below is the actual news article =============

The Arctic is super-hot, even as a vast area of cold polar air has been displaced over Siberia.

Source: The North Pole is an insane 36 degrees warmer than normal as winter descends – The Washington Post


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