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EXACTLY WHAT’s WRONG WITH HUMANS: SHORT-SIGHTED GREED ——Fight Over $Billions INSTEAD Of LIFE ALTERING HEALTH BENEFITS FOR ALL –(((((( money OVER health and well-being )))))){{{{{{{ Man, the sickest, most short-sighted and evil of all the species }}}}}}} = Read Below!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~CRISPR — the biggest biotech discovery in decades — is stuck in legal limbo – VICE News

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Organization is hearing oral arguments this week in a bitter fight between two storied research universities over patent rights to CRISPR, a revolutionary gene-editing technology. Judges will decide whether Jennifer Doudna and her research team … Continue reading

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Porn addiction is turning men into HOPELESS lovers who can’t satisfy their partners, experts warn

Before you read the attached article, I wrote the following to help educate and better the lives of readers and offer TRUE FACTS I understand maybe “far too well” (the good, the bad and the ugly):    –just what I … Continue reading

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