Patriot’s Coach Bill Belichick Learned “How To TRADE” From Us TRADERS!


Well,there you have it: the New England Patriots’ Head Coach Is The Most Brilliant (you think) Coach In The NFL Because …

Yes, Bill Belichick LEARNED “How To Trade / Coach From Us (Option) TRADERS.

—— BTW : Pictured is our Trading Set. Yes, this is the set-up that Karen & I have for all of our Very Active TRADING.

The 2 screens on the left are “mine”. On the smaller one I do many things from writing books to videos to other business and fun. The larger screen is my TRADING / MANAGEMENT SCREEN. What  you see on it is tastyworks (the best brokerage in the world for many reasons). The 3rd screen is “where we watch and listen to tastytrade, the “sister company” where INVALUABLE KNOWLEDGE IS GIVEN FOR FREE (ALWAYS) As Tom Sosnuff & Tony Battista & All His 100+ crew Are ACTIVE TRADERS ALSO. Tom is founder of both companies, tastytrade, the all day media information and education company and tastyworks, the fantastic brokerage with cutting edge technology. (BTW: both of these companies are spelled exactly as I wrote with no capital letters).

The 4th screen is Karen’s Trading Platform.

—– Ah, we have SO MUCH FUN !!!

Getting back to Belichick, he does nearly exactly AS WE DO (everyday)! Notice how Belichick always “Has His CORE-GROUP”, mainly Tom Brady, and HIS SYSTEM Where He DOES NOT “Get Attached” or EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED To Any Of His PLAYERS so that He Simply “Plays Them & Sits Them and TRADES THEM AWAY”!

Yes, Bill NEVER “Hangs On To what other coaches would consider is “CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT THIS PLAYER”. Notice How He TRADES AWAY MOST OF THE PLAYERS WHEN THEY “PEAK” For HUGE VALUE (money and players and draft picks).

Also NOTICE How EVERYONE (player) He TRADES (that is “So Great”, most think and INVALUABLE, most think) Becomes “Just Another Average Player” when they move to ANOTHER TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Notice too that Nearly EVERY YEAR, Belichick’s Teams Have VAST NEW FACES, far more than nearly ANY OTHER TEAM, Yet He Keeps On WINNING HUGE !!!!!!!

——— Now Getting Back To “US OPTION TRADERS”: We Never “grow to love ANY of the 10,000s of companies, the electronically traded funds (EFTs), the Commodities such as Gold, Oil, Silver, Cocoa, Natural Gas, Euros, Mexican Pesos, British Pounds, 30 Year Government Bonds, “Volatility” (yes we both TRADE IT & USE IT), the DOW (/YM, mini-futures), the NASDAQ (/NQ), etc., BUT “Use & Trade Them” All The Time!

AND Maybe The BIGGEST “Secret” To OUR Great SUCCESS (and the other 100,000+ others of us, and Bill Belichick is WE “SELL AT A PREMIUM” Especially WHEN PRICES GO UP!

Also We NORMALLY “Make Our CONTRACTS” For SHORT TERMS, often about 45 days or 30 days only!

As a quick, and small, tiny example: on 2/6, just over a week ago I set up a trade on Facebook.At that time Facebook was selling for approx. $132 – $134 per share. I sold 2 contracts (a contract is 100 shares) that (as of today) will EXPIRE in 30 days.  1 was a PUT OPTION where I “agreed” to Pay/Buy Each Share at $125 anytime between then and Expiration (just over a month’s time). The 2nd Contract was where I agreed to Sell To Someone (anywhere in the world) Anytime between 2/6 and the just over one month from then Facebook for $140 Per Share. ===== For that I Was PAID $231. That is a TINY TRADE for sure BUT remember Karen & I “do” anywhere from a terribly slow month of say 40 trades to maybe 400 trades per month !!!

Well as of today, I could with the click of the mouse CLOSE OUT (end) These Contracts / TRADES and GAIN / PROFIT $120. (of course, I can wait and “just let time go by for the next month and maximize KEEPING THE Full $231, BUT as WE TRADERS KNOW, we can Far Better PROFIT by CLOSING THAT TRADE AND MOVE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

—-Ah, isn’t that EXACTLY “what Bill Belichick does”; he “Sells His Players When They Are At Their Peek” and Buys Them When They Are Cheap. THAT IS WHY HIS TEAMS ARE ALWAYS NEAR THE TOP OF THE LEAGUE & Win, Win, Win While Others “have their ups and downs and mostly just flounder along !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now Belichick CANNOT “simply trade options like we do”, but IF HE COULD In The NFL, He Would Do EXACTLY AS WE DO —-  We SELL PREMIUM and TAKE FAR LESS RISK Doing That. Imagine IF EVERY TRADE HE MADE Was at a STATISTICAL % of WINNING (or PROFITING) was somewhere between 80% & 95%: He Would WIN NEAR EVERY SUPER BOWL, Year After Year!  ——- Ah, that Is WHAT WE DO ===== Imagine If We “Only Made” say That Same $120 in 9 days and Had 400 of them ONGOING EVERY MONTH, that would equal = $48,000 MONTHLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, THAT Is PURE PROFIT !

—- and unlike Belichick, We Just Need “A Computer, An Internet Connection & NEVER HAVE TO LEAVE HOME, GET DRESSED or BE BOTHERED By “bosses”, “employees”, “customers”, backed up traffic, STRESS, DOUBT about “getting fired” or “when will the next customer buy”, or the economy, or the world situations or ANYTHING!

—— Ah, and after I complete this article, Karen & I and our girls are going for a Beautiful Hike In Our Woods, Our Mother Nature’s Flower Garden, Travel Along Our Creek, Hear The Birds and other animals and See, Smell, Touch, and ENJOY THE WORLD As We WISH ====

(Oh, and, I should say, WE COULD TRADE On Our Cell Phones, or Tablets and BE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD Right Now or Ever AS WE WISH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

—– Yep, Bill Belichick TRADES LIKE US, But He Is Far More LIMITED & STRESSED & PRESSED Than We Are (that’s why he “can’t stay married”; His Life SUCKS, as does Tom Brady’s)  COMPARED TO OURS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now You Readers; GET BACK TO WORK (as you NEVER BOTHER TO LISTEN & LEARN & DO “as we do”) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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