NOTE: How I Raised My Daughters = They Can Be/Do Anything —- I SHOWED THEM HOW Starting over 40 Years Ago (Housework/Cooking/Cleaning/ Wash/ Work As One ==============This Video Explains Why Dads Should Help Out With Chores — Science of Us

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Yes, I was the ORIGINAL HOUSE-HUSBAND/Worker/Provider RATHER THAN What Most Males Are ==== I Cooked, Cleaned, Baked, Washed, Took Kids To Doctors, School, Did Homework With Them, TAUGHT THEM “$” (finance, budget, accounting, SAVING & INVESTING (always save At Least 50% of Every $$$ Made), and As I began to tell them starting when they were about 2 years old is “You Can Be and Do Anything You Want; You Just Have To Work Longer & Harder Than Others (males) For That; But Do Not Let That Stop You, Let That Energize and Stimulate You”! ==== Today one has own large firm and also is Top Toxicologist/Forensic Scientist & Other Is By Trade an Electrician, she is very active at Nuclear Facility and Could Design and Build Any Institution, Large Plant, University, High Tech Hospital, Etc. & Also Is Prime Player Rescuing Beagles from around the country. —- Yes, As A Working House-Husband Taught EQUALITY & OPPORTUNITY.

Yes, as with EVERYTHING WE TEACH, GUIDE, SHOW; We DO IT, LIVE IT & UNDERSTAND IT Better Than Anyone In The World!!!!!!!!!!!!! We Constantly Grow, Evolve through our studies, tests, experiments, trials, interviews, and life —– Ah, just as any 7 year old= Our Learning, Questioning, Growing Is Boundless, Unlimited, Joyous and FUN! Ah, and now we are BEYOND, BEYONDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(see the video below of HOW & WHY) They Copied Our Works From Decades Ago.


Source: This Video Explains Why Dads Should Help Out With Chores — Science of Us


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