====== Why Tiger Woods’ Skills Went DOWNHILL QUICKLY =====Has Tinder Boosted the Performance of NBA Players? — Science of Us

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I recall SPEAKING Of Tiger Woods the day his “sex scandal” came out! What I Then Said (and this attached article BACKS ME UP) Is: The Reason Tiger Was SO GREAT WHILE HE WAS HAVING “Lots Of Sex” is Simple = SEX Is Not Only NATURAL But It Is Maybe THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD FOR YOU!!!

Sex, releases Cortisol (stress release chemical) within the brain (read my other articles about that), and it is THE BEST “Exercise” Anyone Can Do as it works and stimulated nearly EVERY MUSCLE Within The Body, and FAR MORE/OTHER BENEFITS!

The moment that Tiger STOPPED HAVING SEX, All Parts of His Body, Mind & Soul SUFFERED GREATLY and Quickly Began To FALL APART and BECOME WEAK & Everything WAS STRAINED In Every Way!

Yep = Shortly After “Sex Stopped” His PHYSICAL & MENTAL & EMOTIONAL SELF FELL APART.

I said then: “Tiger Would Become Just Another Average Pro Golfer” and THAT IMMEDIATELY HAPPENED and of course as we all know, He FEEL HARD To Being “just another guy trying to play the game” and “BECAME NOTHING”

==== Yes , SEX IS NEEDED FOR “Any Healthy Living” But damn society RUINS THAT TOO and Takes Away HEALTH, WEALTH, HAPPINESS & RUINS Far More Than Maybe Death Itself ==== (damn religious and stodgy society indeed).

Yes, “Easy Means Of GETTING SEX” (Tinder or whatever means) INCREASES ALL ABILITY, THOUGHT & HEALTH”!!!!


Source: Has Tinder Boosted the Performance of NBA Players? — Science of Us

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