“If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble, you wouldn’t sit for a month.”- quote by Theodore Roosevelt.

“ONE CAN NEVER BE COMPLETE WITHOUT EVERYONE (and everything) BEING COMPLETE!” quote by me, Daniel C. Blecha

“If I accept you as you are, I will make you worse: however if I treat you as though you are what you are capable of becoming. I help you become that.” – quote by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, German poet, dramatist and author

—with that said, one last quote: “A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.” (English proverb).

Those quotes say a lot about me! What “makes me”, why I work so hard, and care so much about everything and everybody! Love of all fills me with energy, strength and hope that anything is possible as long as one wants to and works to change for the better. Learning is FOREVER!

My name is Daniel C. Blecha. I was born in the 50s when “life in America was good and getting better” – or so they say! Well in many ways it was, but in many ways it has been moving downward to where we are today. —-WANT TO CHANGE THAT? Just follow the path —- Together we will show you how simple it is! Together we will COMPLETE OURSELVES!

Now a bit about me: I was the 2nd born of 8 children. I think what made me start to look at everything a bit sooner and deeper than most was the fact that the 1st born (my brother Allen) came into the world with very severe birth defects. He lived at home with us for only 19 months before living his life in state run institutions with 24 hour care. He never could feed himself, walk, talk, control his bowels, etc. We could talk to him but never knew what or if he thought anything! He could not “scratch an itch”, or tell what tasted good or bad. We could never “laugh with him or cry with him” —Wow to be trapped for a life time inside your own body that did not work! This causes one to look into the eyes of another and learn to feel their pain in tiny little ways– and also causes one to RUN as fast as one can AWAY from the pain and life’s realities all too often! Think just a moment what gifts you have and what you SHOULD BE DOING with them! It surely made me AWARE! It surely made me “CARE”! It also let me be more than I ever thought – good and bad! BUT with the need (and desire to always be open and try, even in the face of great odds against one).

WOW – that changed the way my folks looked and raised me and also how I learned to deal with things. I in reality “lived” as if I were the first born – I was the oldest child at home in a large family! —Little things really are life changing ones!

Growing up as “big brother” and being 1st to do anything: learn to walk, talk, go to school, play sports, talk back to mom and dad, “be bad”, hug and kiss my folks, graduate from school, get married, have kids – well you get the picture -puts a different slant on you (and in your mind) than “other born” children. I think and studies support this fact: 1st born tend to have more responsibility and “weight to do” than “later born”. They must set a good example and also “Watch and Care For” younger siblings! You learn to lead, listen, think, care, love and sometimes “not love” earlier than most. You learn that “You must step up” when others will not or cannot! You see how “Everything Affects Everything”! You learn Responsibility and Consequences!


Since the beginning of living, all my experiences, training and education has been to further the understanding of people, animals, plants, Mother Earth, the Universe, from  the Sub-Atomic level, to the Galactic Level, the Spiritual and the Economic, the Health and the Legal – In short I deeply study, dissect and then bring Solutions. “I see solutions where others only see problems”.

Your Questions and Input is always WELCOME (Actually I require it –smile).

Below I list just a few of the points that have given me insights that few ever have the opportunity to do. Example is to be a school teacher show much but only one point of view. A Banker learns much but not all. The Politician gains knowledge but misses major points of view. The Construction Worker becomes great at some things but not much experience at others. —-You get the point.

I have done and AM THIS and MORE. I WILL CONTINUE TO Be all listed and GROW EVEN MORE with other EXPERIENCES, STUDIES and SITUATIONS. Likley I have BEEN WHERE YOU ARE  so I “see” things through your eyes but also can see things to help YOU grow HAPPIER, HEALTHIER, WEALTHIER & WISER.

The below tells both the Good and Bad (well some of it- smile), I did. It taught me how to contribute and how TO TAKE and USE and the mind sets included with Consequences of all!

-Grew up on a small Dairy Farm, sometimes beef farm and sometimes growing crops for sale operation (The Barn my dad hand built suddenly BURNED in an Extraordinary fire caused when lightening struck the fence (throwing a cow over it and killing her), the lightening charge racing to the barn and setting fire to a “just filled haymow”. All summer work, savings, investments gone in flames touching the sky in the darkness of night. Night turned into Day as the fire’s brightness blinded us.  Dad never Cried –He cried that Night!

-High School Varsity Athlete in every sport at my school (Football, Baseball, Basketball, Wrestling, Track)

-Class President several times

-Actually “top of Class” once in a while (although I did not really apply myself)

-National Honor Society Member

—-yet numerous friends were heavy drinkers, and drug users (most dead now). Also because of “being Class President or Student Council Member could (and often did) skip school.

-Played in a rock band (until leader and good friend has his head literally 1/2 taken off by a drunk driver in front of my house- he actually was talking for some minutes before he died). The Band ended then!

-First Male to work on the assembly line at Fisher Price Toy Company first shift

-1 month later, promoted to in charge of supplying all the materials and supplies for keeping an assembly line flowing smoothly (and profitably) while maintaining great relationships with all workers and their own personal issues. Lot going on there – a microcosm of “life”.

-6 months later promoted to the highly regarded position of Quality Control” for All Products we manufactured at the facility.

-3 years later took a “test”, placed in top few of about 30,000 applicants and became what I despised at that time “a New York State Trooper”. I grew up with “rebels” and drug users and “real hell raisers”, doing many things “not legal”. I hated “cops”. —I took the job for the money and job security then. My world soon changed as did How I Saw and Felt About The World. I often say “It was the best job I ever had, and it was the worst job I ever had – all at the same time!” By the way, often I was the most active trooper in the state- more Arrests, more help and more TV, Radio time than anyone. –I had lots of “Good Guy” letters in my folder (even from people I put away for 30 years). Guess one can do good and treat people right and even the worst respect and thank you!)

-Bought a laundromat operation (with no money down). That became another life changing event. —I knew nothing about business, money, taxation, – Heck i never had done a simple load of wash in my life! Now we did 1000s of pounds of wash for others daily (wash, dry & fold service) and of course 100s of walk in people doing their own wash too. –Suddenly I had problems —-I must learn how to “fix” equipment, deal with employees, work around a “trooper schedule” of 7 days a week, 12 hours a day while caring for my 2 little girls and my wife. I soon found I was making more money “than God” I thought!

-Having money I knew nothing about forced Income Tax Issues and Issues of What to Do With All this money —

-Studied “taxes” under a high level fianacial person for a large TV station. —WOW learned it pays to know how to handle it more than how to make it! Got back everything paid in that 1st year of the Laundromat, everything paid in the previous 3 years and still carried forward to get back in coming years even more money!

-Started a Car Dealership and Auto Body Shop along with a friend. Did very well but discovered How others who are not as wise (partner) can make Great into not so Great – Its How you do things that count. Everything Must Be Done Right – Not just “some things”.

Began to Learn about “real investing” in the Stock & Option Markets. I 1st went to a “broker” and always “wanting to know how”, I quickly learned he knew nothing more than “how to sell”, so I began my self teaching mission to master it! Daily reading “the Wall Street Journal” from front to back, listening to “Wall Street Week with Louis Rukeyser” on PBS and listening to anything I could find or hear, I soon started handling my own money. I did my own investing.

-Friends wanted me to handle their money and soon “friends of friends” so I ended up with my own Financial Company. The first day I began that business I recieved a phone call from the owner of a Buffalo NY based newspaper. He asked me to write 1 article for his newspaper. The next day he called and said “he got so many calls from readers he wanted me to write a weekly financial column.

-I began writing  a long running weekly column I titled “Learning To Use Money”. People who never thought about money were soon loyal followers. Very wealthy people I never met became not only weekly reader but “cut out & saved” every article I ever wrote for referral back to. Soon I could not go anywhere without someone coming up to talk about it. I often did not speak of “money” but “life” as “money is only a tool, and tools should only be looked at as useful for some things but USELESS for others. I put money into it’s proper perspective!

-Over the years my wife Karen, and mom and dad and I also started “dismantling yards” (junk yards) and other automobile operations.

-Started Blecha Properties, a real estate company and rental property operation. We owned tons of houses and apartments. We were honored by H.U.D. to be “Landlords of the Year” at various events!

-Oh, in between I actually became Licensed in Cosmetology”. I have “permed, cut, colored and styled” some very well known people. —-I did it first as a challenge from a sister-in-law but I always want to see and experience things “first hand” so I did it and still do Karen’s hair today!

-Gosh, almost forget this part: taught High School students. At one time or other taught ever subject in the NY State schools. Makes one see things through kids eyes too!

-Now back to my timeline: Retired, retired, retired. Starting riding motorcycles a lot and decided to move to Florida to ride year round.

-After several years off realized started testing motorcyclist for Florida DMV. Soon realized how dangerously bad most were yet thought they were “good riders”. Dangerous and deadly things kept happening to people we knew or knew of. So we created “Easy Rider Motorcycle Training (www.EasyRiderTraining.com) to help people to truly become good riders and more. We do that weekly as I speak! Love it and use it as a method to “let people begin to see the world in ways they never dreamed of. I mean it both figuratively and literally. I say “The way you drive is the way you live”. I instill “Responsibility & Consequences of everything. People say “we changed EVERYTHING in and about their lives!

I left out many other “things” I have done. You will have to read my book too more fully begin to see, feel and learn not about me but about yourself. My book projects you into your own sense of living life and lets you “begin to see what you never saw or dreamed was there before. It opens eyes, opens hearts and allows your full potential to emerge! –Learn to Live! Learn to Love!

Hope to hear from you soon!


Daniel C. Blecha



  1. Dan and Karen,
    Gees! I thought I was the only one who came from a big family. ten brothers and sisters lol. Anyways justed wanted you guys to know that my elbow is fine. I think my pride was hurt alittle bit! But I think I just don’t know how to opertate the bike. when not to use the clutch, brake, hope this makes sence . You guys are doing a great job! and I tell everybody about your classes.
    Thank you!
    Lynn E. Hill

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