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I Have TAUGHT, WRITTEN & LECTURE About “Baldness” among everything else! REASON Men (and women) Go Bald Is ALL ABOUT HEALTH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chemicals Eaten, Smoked, Breathed, Smelled, Touched, “Lived In”/With CREATE “Killer Consequences” and Hair Loss Is Just A SYMPTOM OF Health Issues!!!!!!!!!! — All that Processed Food, the Carcinogens, the “preservatives” (that maybe “preserve food” BUT KILL YOU) Are Terrible! ——

Yes, look at the 2 photos. The first of a bald man, the second is MY HEAD OF HAIR! Yes, I’m mostly gray, though when it is short much is dark. This is the longest it has been in ages.  Anyone who has “touched my hair” says “It is the thickest they have ever seen”. Yep, It Is THICK to say the least!

Anyway, note the difference: Karen & I eat VERY WELL, usually “from scratch”, with little or none of the “super processed crap that is consumed EN-MASS By MOST! Heck and even the “fancy restaurants” use much PROCESSED & “ADDITIVES” !

===== THINK OF THIS ========= Going back even 40 years ago there were FAR FEWER BALD PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! And go back further; VERY FEW!!!!!!!!!!

WHY????? Simple: Nearly Nothing “PROCESSED & PRESERVED WITH “Man Made Chemicals & “super synthesized procedures and techniques”. Think this: Humans Lived For 100,000+ years CONSUMING “Nature’s Pure Foods”, hence WE EVOLVED TO  “Use It, Process It Internally and Excrete It with nothing “thrown into the mix” to disrupt what evolution “made work great together”. MAN CHANGED ALL THAT “with his brilliance” (NOT)!

Since “Processed & Man-Made Chemicals” “Became Cool” or “The Thing”, HUMAN’S BODIES CANNOT HANDLE THOSE CHANGES! Hence CANCERS, GROWTHS, HAIR LOSS, TUMORS, Diabetes, Heart Issues, Obesity, Rashes, Allergies, Water Retention, DEMENTIA, ADD, Bi-Polar, Depression, etc., etc., etc., ALL ROSE SWIFTLY & Still Are!

Nothing (other than species with life spans of weeks such as many insects) CAN EVOLVE in “less than 50 years” to “HANDLE/DEAL WITH” Such A Vast Change Of Chemicals & Such. INSTEAD Swift Change Of LIVE NEEDS KILL or at least Badly Disrupt & Destroy “What Was”!

Heck, how many environmental changes have DOOMED So Many Species On Earth? That answer is 1000s of species!!!!!!!!!!!

Ah, Man Kills Man Everyday Without Realizing It & All The While “Pats Himself On The Back As Being Wise, Smart & Good”. The Truth Is MAN Is “Pretty Darn Ignorant”. Thus for the many who are my students and long time followers know comes one of my many truisms “Most Are Wrong About Most Things, Most Of The Time”. (I have much :”stronger truisms but “am being nice here” – smile ——-

(Read my numerous writings about “Cancer and How At Least 60% of That IS MAN-MADE and How We Kill Our Kids & Grand Kids With CANCERS That NEED NOT Develop In The First Place). — Ah, read my 1000s of works about WHY MAN SCREWS UP EVERYTHING when it all is actually SO SIMPLE To Do All “right” and to “Have It All, Always”!!!!!!!!!!

—- Ah, mankind the lowest of the species for good reason: “true logic never is ….”

(Ah, the “Stuff I/We Teach & Guide”; from health to money, to stress free living, to happiness, to relationships, to intimacy and even “sex”, work, play, child rearing, education, growth, “THE BRAIN” (and It’s Flaw), riding, driving, self-defense, or as I have stated for many decades “THE PIE OF LIFE = HAVING IT ALL = Health, Wealth, Happiness, Freedom, Total Empowerment, Unlimited Energy & Creativity, & UTTER JOY FOREVER).

~~~~~~~~ This link is of another person’s study “about health and baldness”:





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Hmm, Hawking is COPYING MY WORDS, Nearly Exactly As I Have Spoken, Taught, Written & Thought ——- READ MY DECADES OF WRITINGS !!!!!=========================Technology could DESTROY humanity claims Stephen Hawking | Daily Mail Online

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Yes, All What Hawking says here (and most of the time) I Have Written About, Spoken About, Taught & Told About Over The Past Several Decades ———- If you read my words/works over the years, You Will See How EVERYONE COPIES ME!!!!! Ah, many “try to become me” = though no one can as no one has done all I have done or experienced all I have experienced or THINK AS COMPLETELY & KNOWLEDGEABLY AS ME. Yes, I Do My Homework and that is LIVING LIFE TO THE EXTREME OF ALL THINGS !!!!!!!

Source: Technology could DESTROY humanity claims Stephen Hawking | Daily Mail Online

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NOTE: How I Raised My Daughters = They Can Be/Do Anything —- I SHOWED THEM HOW Starting over 40 Years Ago (Housework/Cooking/Cleaning/ Wash/ Work As One ==============This Video Explains Why Dads Should Help Out With Chores — Science of Us

Related image

Yes, I was the ORIGINAL HOUSE-HUSBAND/Worker/Provider RATHER THAN What Most Males Are ==== I Cooked, Cleaned, Baked, Washed, Took Kids To Doctors, School, Did Homework With Them, TAUGHT THEM “$” (finance, budget, accounting, SAVING & INVESTING (always save At Least 50% of Every $$$ Made), and As I began to tell them starting when they were about 2 years old is “You Can Be and Do Anything You Want; You Just Have To Work Longer & Harder Than Others (males) For That; But Do Not Let That Stop You, Let That Energize and Stimulate You”! ==== Today one has own large firm and also is Top Toxicologist/Forensic Scientist & Other Is By Trade an Electrician, she is very active at Nuclear Facility and Could Design and Build Any Institution, Large Plant, University, High Tech Hospital, Etc. & Also Is Prime Player Rescuing Beagles from around the country. —- Yes, As A Working House-Husband Taught EQUALITY & OPPORTUNITY.

Yes, as with EVERYTHING WE TEACH, GUIDE, SHOW; We DO IT, LIVE IT & UNDERSTAND IT Better Than Anyone In The World!!!!!!!!!!!!! We Constantly Grow, Evolve through our studies, tests, experiments, trials, interviews, and life —– Ah, just as any 7 year old= Our Learning, Questioning, Growing Is Boundless, Unlimited, Joyous and FUN! Ah, and now we are BEYOND, BEYONDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(see the video below of HOW & WHY) They Copied Our Works From Decades Ago.


Source: This Video Explains Why Dads Should Help Out With Chores — Science of Us

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MAYBE YOU WILL LISTEN TO ME NOW === Exactly What We Teach & Live = Health, Wealth, Happiness = FREEDOM “from $$$ Issues, From Stress, From “Needing To Work”Want a promotion? Have daily orgasms! | Daily Mail Online


Well, for those of you who do follow and read our teachings and learn how to become financially independent (many would say “rich”) and also free from even NEEDING TO “have jobs” or “work for a living/money” — This study FURTHERS OUR OWN and Our Own Life ====== “Make Love = Have It All & More” —–

Now “read their study and START TO LISTEN & DO “What We Teach” as We Will Change The Way You Think, Live & Love & Far More === Heck; we’ll even literally change the wiring in your brain to UPGRADE IT BEYOND ANY LIMITS To GREATNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Source: Want a promotion? Have daily orgasms! | Daily Mail Online

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We “Make An Additional $350,000 per year” —– READ “WHY” —— (Ah, finally MY WORKS/TEACHINGS Have $$$ Values Attached)   Why Sex Makes People Happy — Science of Us

Image result for making loveUsing the $$$ values (1 x 52 = $50,000 annually), then our “daily loving” is valued at $350,000 annually (7 x $50,000). —— Ah, WE ARE BOTH RICH IN $$$, and HEALTHY, WEALTHY & HAPPY Beyond Compare —–

(how are you and yours?)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~READ THIS REPORT ~~~~~ (Just As I Write & Teach) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Cuddle more, says research.

Source: Why Sex Makes People Happy — Science of Us

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Patriot’s Coach Bill Belichick Learned “How To TRADE” From Us TRADERS!


Well,there you have it: the New England Patriots’ Head Coach Is The Most Brilliant (you think) Coach In The NFL Because …

Yes, Bill Belichick LEARNED “How To Trade / Coach From Us (Option) TRADERS.

—— BTW : Pictured is our Trading Set. Yes, this is the set-up that Karen & I have for all of our Very Active TRADING.

The 2 screens on the left are “mine”. On the smaller one I do many things from writing books to videos to other business and fun. The larger screen is my TRADING / MANAGEMENT SCREEN. What  you see on it is tastyworks (the best brokerage in the world for many reasons). The 3rd screen is “where we watch and listen to tastytrade, the “sister company” where INVALUABLE KNOWLEDGE IS GIVEN FOR FREE (ALWAYS) As Tom Sosnuff & Tony Battista & All His 100+ crew Are ACTIVE TRADERS ALSO. Tom is founder of both companies, tastytrade, the all day media information and education company and tastyworks, the fantastic brokerage with cutting edge technology. (BTW: both of these companies are spelled exactly as I wrote with no capital letters).

The 4th screen is Karen’s Trading Platform.

—– Ah, we have SO MUCH FUN !!!

Getting back to Belichick, he does nearly exactly AS WE DO (everyday)! Notice how Belichick always “Has His CORE-GROUP”, mainly Tom Brady, and HIS SYSTEM Where He DOES NOT “Get Attached” or EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED To Any Of His PLAYERS so that He Simply “Plays Them & Sits Them and TRADES THEM AWAY”!

Yes, Bill NEVER “Hangs On To what other coaches would consider is “CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT THIS PLAYER”. Notice How He TRADES AWAY MOST OF THE PLAYERS WHEN THEY “PEAK” For HUGE VALUE (money and players and draft picks).

Also NOTICE How EVERYONE (player) He TRADES (that is “So Great”, most think and INVALUABLE, most think) Becomes “Just Another Average Player” when they move to ANOTHER TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Notice too that Nearly EVERY YEAR, Belichick’s Teams Have VAST NEW FACES, far more than nearly ANY OTHER TEAM, Yet He Keeps On WINNING HUGE !!!!!!!

——— Now Getting Back To “US OPTION TRADERS”: We Never “grow to love ANY of the 10,000s of companies, the electronically traded funds (EFTs), the Commodities such as Gold, Oil, Silver, Cocoa, Natural Gas, Euros, Mexican Pesos, British Pounds, 30 Year Government Bonds, “Volatility” (yes we both TRADE IT & USE IT), the DOW (/YM, mini-futures), the NASDAQ (/NQ), etc., BUT “Use & Trade Them” All The Time!

AND Maybe The BIGGEST “Secret” To OUR Great SUCCESS (and the other 100,000+ others of us, and Bill Belichick is WE “SELL AT A PREMIUM” Especially WHEN PRICES GO UP!

Also We NORMALLY “Make Our CONTRACTS” For SHORT TERMS, often about 45 days or 30 days only!

As a quick, and small, tiny example: on 2/6, just over a week ago I set up a trade on Facebook.At that time Facebook was selling for approx. $132 – $134 per share. I sold 2 contracts (a contract is 100 shares) that (as of today) will EXPIRE in 30 days.  1 was a PUT OPTION where I “agreed” to Pay/Buy Each Share at $125 anytime between then and Expiration (just over a month’s time). The 2nd Contract was where I agreed to Sell To Someone (anywhere in the world) Anytime between 2/6 and the just over one month from then Facebook for $140 Per Share. ===== For that I Was PAID $231. That is a TINY TRADE for sure BUT remember Karen & I “do” anywhere from a terribly slow month of say 40 trades to maybe 400 trades per month !!!

Well as of today, I could with the click of the mouse CLOSE OUT (end) These Contracts / TRADES and GAIN / PROFIT $120. (of course, I can wait and “just let time go by for the next month and maximize KEEPING THE Full $231, BUT as WE TRADERS KNOW, we can Far Better PROFIT by CLOSING THAT TRADE AND MOVE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

—-Ah, isn’t that EXACTLY “what Bill Belichick does”; he “Sells His Players When They Are At Their Peek” and Buys Them When They Are Cheap. THAT IS WHY HIS TEAMS ARE ALWAYS NEAR THE TOP OF THE LEAGUE & Win, Win, Win While Others “have their ups and downs and mostly just flounder along !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now Belichick CANNOT “simply trade options like we do”, but IF HE COULD In The NFL, He Would Do EXACTLY AS WE DO —-  We SELL PREMIUM and TAKE FAR LESS RISK Doing That. Imagine IF EVERY TRADE HE MADE Was at a STATISTICAL % of WINNING (or PROFITING) was somewhere between 80% & 95%: He Would WIN NEAR EVERY SUPER BOWL, Year After Year!  ——- Ah, that Is WHAT WE DO ===== Imagine If We “Only Made” say That Same $120 in 9 days and Had 400 of them ONGOING EVERY MONTH, that would equal = $48,000 MONTHLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, THAT Is PURE PROFIT !

—- and unlike Belichick, We Just Need “A Computer, An Internet Connection & NEVER HAVE TO LEAVE HOME, GET DRESSED or BE BOTHERED By “bosses”, “employees”, “customers”, backed up traffic, STRESS, DOUBT about “getting fired” or “when will the next customer buy”, or the economy, or the world situations or ANYTHING!

—— Ah, and after I complete this article, Karen & I and our girls are going for a Beautiful Hike In Our Woods, Our Mother Nature’s Flower Garden, Travel Along Our Creek, Hear The Birds and other animals and See, Smell, Touch, and ENJOY THE WORLD As We WISH ====

(Oh, and, I should say, WE COULD TRADE On Our Cell Phones, or Tablets and BE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD Right Now or Ever AS WE WISH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

—– Yep, Bill Belichick TRADES LIKE US, But He Is Far More LIMITED & STRESSED & PRESSED Than We Are (that’s why he “can’t stay married”; His Life SUCKS, as does Tom Brady’s)  COMPARED TO OURS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now You Readers; GET BACK TO WORK (as you NEVER BOTHER TO LISTEN & LEARN & DO “as we do”) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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“Why Stupid Stays Stupid”


add my “The Masses Are Asses” or as my wife prefers me to say: “Most people are wrong about most things, most of the time” all because of the same reasons.

Actually all people HAVE THE SAME “issues” because of “their brain flaw” that has evolved over the eons. At one time, before man emerged from living in caves and was often “the prey” versus “in control of the surroundings and environment” to a large amount, the “fight or flight” REACTION (what happens IN ONE’S BRAIN Automatically and ALWAYS) upon “circumstances” occurring. (I am NOT going into them now as all that and FAR MORE is IN MY BOOK(s)), so to keep it short here, I will just say that “This Flaw In The Brain (short-circuit reaction) STOPS INSTANTLY any chance of “learning or growing” as actual THINKING Itself Becomes UNABLE TO “work”/function, hence ALL BRAINS/PEOPLE Rather STRIKE BACK (the “fight”) or RUN AWAY (maybe physically, but ALWAYS mentally and emotionally: the “flight” automatic reaction).

—– and as such, when all “think” (incorrectly) that “they are “open-minded”, “fair”, “just”, “smart”, “wise” and “capable”, in fact THEY ARE THE OPPOSITE. It is all as if “The Lights All Went Out In A Windowless Room and NOTHING CAN BE SEEN”, but to make it WORSE: it is as if ONE IS ASLEEP, completely UNABLE TO “hear, see, feel, touch, smell or sense in any way, anything BUT the Auto-Reactions of “Fight” (Attack the other person or “side”) or “Flight” (Run Like Hell Away From The Subject).

Yes, “no time to THINK or REASON or USE LOGIC as ALL THAT BECOMES UNAVAILABLE as it is “Shut Off” Literally In One’s Brain (Evolution HARMED US FOREVER Here).

Both Professionally & Personally I Have TESTED, EXPERIMENTED, STUDIED & RESEARCHED THIS for many decades. Yes, I  am a scientist, researcher, inventor, sociologists, psychologist, engineer, and much more and have “TESTED” at least 500,000 people so far and in 100% of them, the BRAIN FLAW IS CONCRETE & UNSTOPPABLE, that is 100% of ALL WHO Have “Not Yet” Undergone My Brain Upgrade Process that literally CHANGES One’s Brain. It creates millions more neurons and adds millions more instantaneous Synapses among the neurons.

What It Does It ENDS The Brain Flaw By STOPPING The “Evolved In” Brain Circuit SHORT to Occur!

In short it moves people from being at best humans living as if “it was a 2 dimensional world to a MULTI-DIMENSIONAL WORLD with NO LIMITS on abilities, creativity, understanding, growth, change, evolution and joy and contentment and wonder of life itself”. It forever ends what I call the always needy and afraid and scary  “help me daddy, or mother, or deity”.


Talk about “GOD-LIKE” = THIS MOVES ONE FAR “Beyond That” Too!

—–As I say and live and “AM”: “I am one with the universe, and it one with me”. There is any longer such limits as “Time” with past, present and future, but rather ALL AS ONE.”

====== Sad, but YES, mankind only becomes more ignorant and needy  because of the Brain Flaw, thus mankind is DOOMED one way or another because “dumb becomes dumber” as “wrongs, become more-wrong” and all chance of True Problem Solving EVAPORATES (and humans NEVER Even “REALIZE IT IS HAPPENING” (remember: for all intensive purposes “their minds ARE ASLEEP”).

~~~~~~~~~ If any of you “are strong enough to want better”, then you must “DARE ASK” or “INQUIRE”; otherwise, you are “just another of the 7+ billion people who are and will stay IGNORANT (and never know it)!





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