South Carolina Motorcycle Video —- All Should Watch!

TAKE a few minutes to view this video. South Carolina did a prety good job putting it together and MUCH IS SO TRUE! —- You can’t UNDO DEAD!

While viewing it, Karen & I noted a few things that “they do (or don’t do)” that although MUCH BETTER THAN 90% of All Riders, yet WE TEACH not just “How To” BUT Also “WHY” We Add a Bit More: EVEN BETTER TECHNIQUE To “Not Have A Crash”, save bikes, bodies & souls AND Make Your Ride EVEN MORE Comforatble & SAFER!

No one does it like we do! Not sure if “we know more” or “Just Think, Test and Study” everything more! —- Just like Einstein said “It is not that I am smarter than anyone else. It is just that I study and work on all issues LONGER & HARDER Then Anyone Else”. — That defines US! WE love making the world a better place. — Guess we are selfish –smile.

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