WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Buy or Not? This Flower-Shaped Solar Energy System Could Be Powering All Our Homes One Day

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Before reading this article, I just want to ADD MY Thoughts (and our reality) so here it is:

====ah, “sounds great”, “looks great” === BUT about $12,000. ==== Using simple math, for us, it would take over 16 years BEFORE WE “SAVED $$$”. Of course, prices likely will go up for electricity, but MAYBE NOT! — The “Going Up” versus the “Going Down” Is 50/50 always! Add that WE Never “Qualify for Tax Breaks or other “Rebate Crap”, That part of “saving” or “cost cutting” carries no weight or value for us (People who “KNOW MONEY” Pay Little of No Taxes To Begin With = ask Warren Buffet, Zuckerburg, Gates and others about that).

Now ADD What We GROW OUR $$$ To (At What Pace), well that makes Blowing $12,000 purely STUPID for US! (and “we never “borrow” anything” or use “credit” as that too is for fools (other than pure business stuff, then many great reasons to “borrow”). Simple MATH (for “Us Who Know”) says: $12,000 with ONLY at 10% Growth Rate = $1,200 Annually, or for us Many $100s More Than We Spend For Electricity, and Compound that and AFTER 16 Years = OVER $55,000. —– and again, I used ONLY 10% & we normally grow at FAR FASTER RATES THAN THAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! —– What & How “Do You Do”???

Hmm, so should we or anyone (who knows $$$) Buy This “Pretty Solar Generator” = NOT US For Sure !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Source: This Flower-Shaped Solar Energy System Could Be Powering All Our Homes One Day

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