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Want some “secrets”? Can’t tell you all but can show you what Karen  baked today: Peanut Butter – Chocolate Swirl Cookies. mmmmmmmm, better than good! To die for good! Am I “lucky” or simply know how to live well? Karen & I live very well – yet simply! One must have “the whole pie of life” as I call it. And that means having just a near perfect mix of ingredients to “make the pie GREAT”. Too little of something = Yuk. Too much of something = Yuk too. Not the correct ingredients = Yuk. We can help you MAKE THE NEAR PERFECT “Pie of Life”. Just ask! See what others have blossomed!

Today’s “pie” (cookies) are made using natural peanut butter with no additives and melted chocolate that is spread over the peanut butter cookie portion! It looks like a “jelly roll” once rolled, then chilled, then sliced and baked. One of my favorites! I have many others though – smile.

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