You All Are SO STUPID !!!!!!!!!            ===========’Real Time’ guests school Bill Maher on N-word

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hmm, “it’s my word, but not yours, so you can’t use it”???????????????????????? —– well, isn’t that like parents saying “shit this, shit that …” in every other word and sentence, then telling their kids they can’t say the word ===== You either “like and use something”, OR “You DON’T USE IT”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If the “homies” (or are they saying “homos” or “hi mommy” or whatever) “like the word”, then EVERYONE SHOULD USE IT OFTEN, If They Despise The Word, then STOP IT’s USE FOREVER –simple !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m Sick of “political correctness”, and “I have rights but you don’t”, HYPOCRISY, narrowness, ALL CAUSED BY THAT BRAIN FLAW That All YOU “Mere (stupid) HUMANS” HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! —- USE MY Simple System (process) To FIX YOUR DAMN BRAINS !!!!!!!!!!! Otherwise, all “Mere Humans” should Just Die, the quicker you kill yourselves off, the better for the rest of the universe!

All I See, Hear from YOU ALL IS STUPID & GREATER STUPIDITY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! —- When in fact EVERYTHING IS SO SIMPLE & Yet Magnificent (but “you blind people can /will never see it”)!


Source: ‘Real Time’ guests school Bill Maher on N-word

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