FOOD FOR THOUGHT = Justice Alito: Why Not Let 4 Lawyers Marry One Another? | CNS News

Justice Alito: Why Not Let 4 Lawyers Marry One Another? | CNS News.

Why can’t 4 Lawyers MARRY EACH OTHER???????????

As you all constantly hear me say “Everything Connects To Everything”; with that said, read the attached article of a verbal question and answer exchange between Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito & Mary L. Bonauto, a lawyer who was presenting the court with arguments on behalf of clients seeking to establish a right to same-sex marriage.

It is BOTH Humorous (at first) & Downright SERIOUS with it’s “OPENING a Can of Worms”!

It simply TIES THINGS TOGETHER as it basically says “If This is So, Then That Is ALSO & If That is …, then This is ….”

Hence; the simple, become the unending COMPLEX with nothing BUT MORE PROBLEMS with NO ANSWERS or SOLUTIONS!

In other words; once one thing is allowed, ALL things are and “the (logical) rules fly out the door! Calamity and Confusion Result!

Yes, There MUST BE “BOUNDS & BOUNDARIES”; otherwise “there is nothing”!

————- Thinking about this possible scenarios and HOW THE RICH & POWERFUL WOULD “Multiple Marriages”; I can see where 100s of them “MARRY EACH/ALL Other(s). Imagine The TAX ADVANTAGES and EXEMPTIONS & TAX ELUDING! Imagine “The RICH & POWERFUL Would NEVER HAVE TO PAY ANY TAXES or Be Burdened Even AFTER DEATH with ESTATE TAXES or the ability of the government to TAKE ANYTHING AWAY FROM THEM. They Could Indefinately & FOREVER Exempt Everything!

Imagine: You Who ONLY Marry 1 Other of the Opposite Sex Being Burdened With All Debts and Taxes and “responsibilities” as YOU are “too constrained in your traditions to BENEFIT as “the Twisting Methods and Processes USED BY those that have no morals or ethics BUT USE EVERYTHING FOR THEIR OWN BENEFIT” ======= Oh my; That Sounds EXACTLY Word For Word WHAT & HOW People Like DONALD TRUMP QUOTES THE LAW and USES THE SYSTEMS”!!!!!!

Hell, I recall his EXACT WORDS to a CNBC TV personality who INTERVIEWED TRUMP several years ago. The conversation went like this :

Ted Haynes to Trump:  “Mr. Trump, why is it that on average, every 6 months, one of your corporations declares bankruptcy (thus protecting and saving you from paying the people and other companies you  promised to pay for their services and products, saving you $100s of millions each and every time)?

Trump replies: “I ONLY USE the Laws To Benefit ME & MY Companies! I do NOT Break Any Laws”!

Simply put “Mr. Trump”: You Don’t Care About Doing The Fair Thing; doing the Moral Thing; or Doing the Right Thing; You Care ONLY ABOUT YOURSELF and Don’t Give A Damn About Anyone Else! Also Mr. Trump, Your WORD, and LEGAL SIGNATURE & Your Handshake Agreeing To The Contracts You Sign, MEAN NOTHING! In other words Mr. Trump, You LIE, CHEAT & STEAL From Others as “Your Word” Is EMPTY & A LIE ALWAYS!!!!!!

BTW: Mr. Trump NEVER SAID ANOTHER WORD! What could a LIAR, CHEATER, THIEF Say when Caught Red Handed With FACTS & TRUTHS!!!!!

PERSONALLY, I have spoken with NUMEROUS people who HAD SUCH CONTRACTS and Did “Business” with TRUMP over the years and to hear, see and know their stories and see how TRUMP’s Thievery & Dishonesty RUINED THEIR LIVES! Many LOST EVERYTHING including homes, spouses, children, health and even THEIR LIVES (committing suicide)!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, THESE Decent, Hard Working People, Families and Companies Put Nearly EVERYTHING into Doing a Great Job, Project, Building, Service, Product for (they thought at the time) the HONORABLE, Highly respected, Mr. Donald Trump”! They Wanted To IMPRESS HIM and be able to say How They Did (this or that) for The Great Mr. Trump! —- They ALL GOT SCREWED OVER & OVER and CHEATED of ALL They Were PROMISED!!!! I KNOW THIS as FACT!!!! Many Times I have Heard THESE EXACT WORDS REPEATED by TRUMP when they “dare to approach him and ASK For Their Payment Owned to Them: His EXACT WORDS of Reply “See that building over there? In it I have 75 LAWYERS all Working For Me. They have Nothing To Do now so SUE ME”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  —- Of course, as you likely know: by the time Trump is Sued and YEARS have Past, AT BEST THE people/companies Get “PENNIES on The DOLLAR” and by then They Are BANKRUPT and All Is LOST for THESE People Who TRUSTED and BELIEVED in THE LAW and Decency and DID FAR MORE THAN “just a good job for Trump”!

—- and sadly RECENTLY Mr. Trump has stated HE MIGHT RUN FOR PRESIDENT! Yep, he would be “Just Another of  the Long List of LIARS, CHEATERS, THIEVES, Terrorists, Killers, Connivers, Con Artists & Back-Stabbers America has ALWAYS HAD (and most LOVE & SUPPORT) as Leaders!!!!


Yes, Let Lawyers USE the Laws to Create Greater EXEMPTION & “Outs” For Them & THEIRS While All Others Are CRUSHED WITH Rules, Regulations and Corruption and EVIL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

((((((((( (It is sad to be so “Connected and Knowledgeable as I am to Any & All situations and ways of the world —– Read my other articles about OTHER “Good Guys” like Joel Osteen who Is EVIL “just like Trump”!!!!  Oh hell, give me a name of any “rich, powerful or famous person/family” and I can tell You SICK, SAD & EVIL TRUTHS of Their INDECENT SELVES! )))))))))



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